Marcin Telega


Marcin Telega


Marcin Andrzej Telega – (born in 1976 in Przeworsk). Painter. He studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Cracow, where he obtained a diploma in the studio of prof. Stanislaw Rodzinski at the Faculty of Painting. He has been painting from the beginning of his artistic career until now . He uses oil painting techniques. In his work, he navigates in the area of representational painting with elements of abstraction. His works are full of symbolic imagery, expressed in the language of geometry and abstraction. These are complex scenes, poetic and reflective. The artist emphasizes the coexistence of various fields of art in his work, such as music, painting, poetry, among others in the painting series “Songs by Ewa Demarczyk”. He had several individual and collective exhibitions in Poland and abroad. He is the founder of the Art Studnia school of drawing and painting in Cracow, where he is the main lecturer.


I try to treat each painting as a separate being that uses me to create itself.I try to witness the creation of an image more than consider myself a “creator”. While working on a painting, I try to feel what the painting needs.(…) The greatest satisfaction comes from the feeling of fulfilment when an image is created, has an energy and a strong impact on the audience.


2017: : Individual exhibition “Nocturne” (as
part of Cracow Art Meetings – Configurations)
2016: Individual painting exhibition,
R_Z Rzeszow Gallery (ZPAP Gallery)
2015: Individual exhibition “Such a landscape – songs by Ewa Demarczyk in the paintings of Marcin Telega”, “Pryzmat” Gallery (ZPAP Cracow branch)
2013: Individual exhibition “Eternal longing”, gallery “OnaMaTo”, Cracow
2012: Collective exhibition “NordArt 2012”, Germany, Büdelsdorf
2012: Individual exhibition “In the Old House”, Museum in Przeworsk
2011: Individual exhibition in the gallery
“Gologorski”, Cracow
2006: 5th International Painting Biennale in
2005: Individual exhibition during the Polish Year in Germany, Geilenkirchen